Away We Go.

I hope that you know.

The Girl.
I'm Julianne. I am fifteen years old spending my days in little old Jersey. In my own personal opinion, I think I'm pretty boring. There really isn't much I could say about myself, hah. Oh, I can ramble on for hours on end about pointless, useless stuff. But then again, nothing really is pointless or useless, right? Uh, I'm pretty smart I guess and I'm always reading a book. Lyrics and books affect me greatly. I'm very nostalgic and I can go on for hours with sentences opening with "Remember when..." I like to write and try to as much as I can since you can only get better when you read and write constantly.
Don't Stop The Music.
The Jonas Brothers are my main love. They music inspires and their personalities never fail to make me smile. I've been a fan for over a year, and they, as people, have not once let me down. Sure, I'll get a little bent out of shape considering they're sudden sky-rocketing fame or their endless sold out shows, but they will forever be in my heart. I couldn't forget about them even if my life depended on it. They are the sweetest boys I've ever met in my life and, despite their newfound Disney fame, they will always be those three boys from Jersey. Oh, and for the last time, it's not an obsession.

Other than Jonas, I listen to Paramore, Aly & AJ, Boys Like Girls, Phil Bensen, Jesse McCartney, Taylor Swift, Metro Station, Secondhand Serenade and pretty much anything else I can manage to get my ears on..
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